Safe nurse-to-patient ratios matter. Here’s how you can help make sure all hospitals in Minnesota have them.
February 4, 2019

In Minnesota, there are no limits on the number of patients a nurse can be assigned to at one time. And more…[ Read More ]

Why nurses must demand evidence from hospitals
March 1, 2018

Where’s the beef? Remember that commercial?  The Wendy’s commercial from the 80’s?  The senior citizen lady yelling at the camera after looking…[ Read More ]

Minnesota hospitals drop to No. 27 for patient safety
November 1, 2017

Minnesota hospitals are ranked 27th in the nation for patient safety, according to the Fall 2017 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, released on October…[ Read More ]

Nurses across the country are striking. Here’s what’s at stake for patients.
October 7, 2017

Last week week, nurses at Berkshire Medical Center in Massachusetts held a one-day strike to draw attention to short staffing by the…[ Read More ]

Why are nurses across the country fighting for staffing ratios?
September 21, 2017

In September, nurses at a chain of hospitals in California held rallies at 21 Kaiser Permanente’s hospitals and clinics to highlight short…[ Read More ]

Study says nurses are key to pain management. So why are some patients suffering?
September 11, 2017

As the opioid crisis continues to rise and hospitals are looking for new ways to treat pain, a new study says that…[ Read More ]

Nurses across the country asking public to help protect patients
August 16, 2017

In hospitals across the country, a changing health care system is forcing nurses to do more with less. Numerous logged incidents by…[ Read More ]

Minnesota nurses report 1,382 unsafe staffing incidents in first half of 2017  
August 3, 2017

From January 1 through June 30, Minnesota nurses submitted 1,382 Concern for Safe Staffing forms, citing incidents were patient care was compromised…[ Read More ]

Seven Things to Know Before Going to the Hospital
July 27, 2017

By Carrie Mortrud, RN PATIENTS ARE NOT CUSTOMERS.  In the book, First, Do Less Harm, the authors highlight a few problems in…[ Read More ]

Patient Story

arlene townsend staffing award

Unsafe staffing costs a Florida facility $1 billion

From Trial Magazine, March 2014 issue: Trial Magazine, 3/11/14 VERDICTS & SETTLEMENTS Arlene Townsend, 63 suffered a stroke and required 24-hour care. She was admitted to Auburndale Oaks Healthcare Center, a nursing home owned by Trans Healthcare, Inc. In the three years leading up to her death, Townsend suffered numerous fall resulting in broken bones and lacerations, infections, significant weight loss, chronic constipation, skin breakdowns, dehydration, and other problems. She is survived by her adult son. Townsend’s estate sued Trans Healthcare, alleging that it had understaffed the nursing home to increase profits and failed to provide adequate care, including protecting Townsend from falls, ensuring a safe environment, and documenting changes to her condition. The court entered a judgment of liability against the defendant, and the…
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