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Most hospital readmissions caused by common complications

    A study released by the Journal of the American Medical Association shows the main reason why patients need to be…[ Read More ]

Hospitals Blatantly Disregard Minnesota Law

Hospitals Blatantly Disregard Minnesota Law By Mathew Keller, RN JD Patients, nurses, healthcare workers, and Minnesota citizens won a hard-fought victory in…[ Read More ]

$1.43 of every $100 in America goes toward hospital administration

Hospitals need to be transparent, especially with costs From Vox:  Story link here   By  Sarah Kliff @sarahkliff sarah@vox.com America spends a…[ Read More ]

U of M study: More RN hours Means Better Care in Nursing Homes

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune: By Dan Browning It took some sophisticated statistical methods to prove what might seem obvious to the…[ Read More ]