Concern for Safe Staffing Report 2016

Nurses with the Minnesota Nurses Association have been diligently submitting Concern for Safe Staffing (CFSS) forms over the years, and MNA staff members have been compiling and analyzing the data to determine trends and trouble spots associated with staffing. In April 2014, MNA altered the form to include more of the common categories that nurses named to better group submissions together.

This most recent report includes the totals for 2014-2016, the categories of staffing consequences that showed the greatest gains, and recommendations on staffing improvements for Minnesota hospitals. Authors Carrie Mortrud and Mathew Keller also included quotes from nurses’ CFSS forms that illustrate the seriousness of the incident at the time.

This qualitative study is a breakthrough for healthcare professionals as it shows the seriousness of the near-misses and patients-at-risk situations that are not captured through other reports by state regulatory agencies. Only by addressing staffing at this level can Minnesota hospitals hope to prevent patients from becoming statistics in hospital Adverse Event and Incident Report findings.

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