Our Work

Every day, Minnesota nurses are committed to their patients, working to ensure they receive the care they deserve. That’s why nurses are advocating for policy changes that support the health of all Minnesotans.

When you support our efforts, you help promote safe, quality care.

Your support has helped us:

  • Develop the first contract in the nation to permit closure of units when nurses can not safely care for patients due to short staffing.
  • Call for a constitutional amendment to secure healthcare as a right for all Minnesotans.
  • Restore funding for medical assistance to Minnesota’s most vulnerable populations by expanding Medicaid

By supporting our efforts to advocate for safe nurse-to-patient ratios, you can help us save lives.

Nurse Story

A 7 Percent Increase in Risk of Injury or Death

The Science of Patient Safety “Each additional patient above four that a nurse is assigned to care for produced a 7 percent increase in injury or death, a 23 percent increase in nurse burnout and a 15 percent increase in job dissatisfaction.” Hospital Nurse Staffing and Patient Mortality, Nurse Burnout, and Job Dissatisfaction   Journal of the American Medical Association, October, 2002   Read More The Reality of Risk   Real nurses report about real shifts, with real lives on the line “3 RNs, one had 7 patients, one had 6 and charge nurse had 5 patients. High acuity patients with many, many requests. Difficult to properly assess a patient with TONs of interruptions.”
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