Nurses Rang the Call Button. You Answered.

call buttonHospitals are not required to meet a minimum standard of care and nurses are concerned. We started a petition, asking Minnesotans to help nurses protect patient safety in Minnesota by supporting a minimum standard of care, and in just three short weeks, hundreds have responded. You’ve even shared some stories about your own personal experiences fear for your own or a loved one’s safety because too few nurses were on duty.
A growing body of research says nurse staffing levels have a significant impact on patient outcomes, hospital infections, nurse retention and hospital financial performance.
Nurses say it is time for a statewide standard of care. Help nurses protect the safety of every patient in Minnesota.
Please sign our petition and join this blog community to learn more about why nurses’ ability to provide you with safe care may be threatened.

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Patient Story

Your Patient Stories Over the past few weeks, you've been sending us stories about your experiences in Minnesota hospitals.  We've heard them, and we think others should, too.  By sharing your patient experience with us, you can help us promote a safe nurse-to-patient ratio at all Minnesota hospitals.
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