Nurse story: nurses are disappointed with hospital care too

Nurses promise patients quality careIn this month’s American Journal of Nursing, Maureen Shawn Kennedy reports there’s a gap between what nurses know is quality patient care and what they see on a day-to-day basis.  She says:

“There are far too many instances in which nursing practice is substandard.”

And that’s even in magnet hospitals.  Some nurses say they’d never leave their own family members alone in a hospital.  A survey of 7500 nurses showed that two-fifths or 40 percent said they wouldn’t want their family members to be a patient in a hospital where they worked.

Kennedy cites the reasons as insufficient staffing and resources-a lack of a minimum standard of care.  Doing too much with too little, including scheduling patterns that don’t allow nurses to monitor patients continuously; and  inexperienced nurses who are forced into making life or death decisions.

Nurses want to keep the promise to patients of delivering the care they know is safe and the care that patients actually receive.

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