Newest Study: Better Nurse Staffing = Less Readmissions

coverJust released in the October, 2013 issue of Health Affairs, researchers have added to the abundance of evidence making direct correlation between patient outcomes and nurse staffing.

Combining the new CMS reports on hospital readmissions with data on staffing levels, scientists determined having more nurses on duty helps keep patients from returning to the hospital after being discharged.

Even when researchers closely matched hospitals on factors, such as patient population characteristics, well-staffed hospitals were significantly less likely to get hit with penalties than hospitals with lower staffing.

In September, we learned 29  hospitals in Minnesota face penalties  for their unacceptable readmission rates.

We need a  Safe Patient Standard to reduce costs – and suffering in Minnesota.  Please share the petition and your story.

Patient Story

Your Patient Stories Over the past few weeks, you've been sending us stories about your experiences in Minnesota hospitals.  We've heard them, and we think others should, too.  By sharing your patient experience with us, you can help us promote a safe nurse-to-patient ratio at all Minnesota hospitals.
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