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In Minnesota, there are standards for the number of children per daycare provider, the number of firefighters on duty, and the number of EMTs in an ambulance. Yet there are no standards for the number of patients a nurse can be assigned to at one time.

Short staffing has a solution.

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Nurse Story

tired nurses=decision regret

Tired nurses regret their healthcare decisions more

From the American Journal of Critical Care: Hospital patients would be devastated to hear that their nurses later regretted the decisions they made while caring for them.   Critical care patients are especially at risk because the decisions nurses can make are likely to have more impact.  However, this January, 2014 study shows fatigued nurses are more likely to make decisions they later regret, which leads negative emotions, nurse burnout, and nurse turnover rate. Nurses frequently report fatigue from staffing situations where there are too many patients for each nurse to care for at one time.  Nurses are then asked to extend their shifts-even if they've already worked 12 hours-or come in again for a new shift while still fatigued from their last one. The study method involved asking 605 nurses, and decision regret was reported by 157 of…
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