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Easy ways to advocate for for safe, quality care in Minnesota hospitals

In Minnesota, there are standards for the number of children per daycare provider, the number of firefighters on duty, and the number of EMTs in an ambulance. Yet there are no standards for the number of patients a nurse can be assigned to at one time.

Short staffing has a solution.

Help support us in our endeavor to protect patients and ensure safe, quality care for all Minnesotans.

Nurse Story

Building Trust in the Nurse to Patient Relationship

By Carrie Mortrud, RN   Year after year, the annual Gallup poll reports nurses are the most trusted profession. Nurses don’t take this for granted. We value this each and every year we receive the acknowledgement. What does it take, however, for a patient to trust his or her nurse completely?   My most influential trust experience as a bedside nurse occurred in my first six months as a nurse at a transitional care center. This patient was injured by a gunshot wound and was wheelchair bound. He likely suffered from depression being a young male in his 20s now facing a life without the ability to walk, run, and play ball as he once did. He spent many, many hours a day just lying in his bed refusing therapies, refusing rehab, and refusing care.   The patient also occasionally refused treatments delivered…
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