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Easy ways to advocate for for safe, quality care in Minnesota hospitals

In Minnesota, there are standards for the number of children per daycare provider, the number of firefighters on duty, and the number of EMTs in an ambulance. Yet there are no standards for the number of patients a nurse can be assigned to at one time.

Short staffing has a solution.

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Nurse Story

Unresolved: Nurse Warnings of Patient Risks Get Ineffective Responses

Reports submitted by nurses portray a harrowing situation occurring too frequently in Minnesota hospitals today.  In a snapshot of 1000 reports submitted by members of the Minnesota Nurses Association over the course of six months, the statistics show that when nurses seek help under the most distressing circumstances, a solution is not met 91 percent of the time.     “We have nearly 1,000 incidents where our patients suffered and in some instances even had their lives put at risk because we don't have a minimum standard for patient safety,” says Minnesota Nurses Association President Linda Hamilton, RN. “What’s even more disturbing is that in nearly 900 of these incidents, hospital management did not – in the professional opinion of our Registered Nurses – take adequate steps to remedy the situation. That means hospital administrators failed patients and nurses more than 90 percent of the time whenever patient safety issues…
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