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Easy ways to advocate for for safe, quality care in Minnesota hospitals

In Minnesota, there are standards for the number of children per daycare provider, the number of firefighters on duty, and the number of EMTs in an ambulance. Yet there are no standards for the number of patients a nurse can be assigned to at one time.

Short staffing has a solution.

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Nurse Story

Beth Jasper

Nurse story: Worked to death Beth Jasper, a nurse in Ohio, was killed in a car accident on her way home from the hospital where she worked.  Her husband, Jim, is suing that hospital because his wife was too tired from overwork and fell asleep at the wheel.  His suit claims the hospital knowingly was understaffed, which led to her drowsy condition.   He said her overwork was a pattern as Beth Jasper was routinely called into the hospital because managers hadn't hired more nurses who could work with dialysis patients.
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