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Medical errors and short staffing by hospitals: Is there a link?

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Why are Minnesota nurses striking?

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Report: Nearly half of Minnesota patients don’t understand discharge instructions

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Hospital discharge: Why it’s getting more dangerous for patients

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Safe staffing saves lives. So why aren’t lawmakers listening?

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Safe staffing: What nurses really want

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Is Anybody Out There? When Call Lights Go Unanswered

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“My Brains” Told Me When Medications Were Due

By Carrie Mortrud, RN “MY BRAINS” or what I used to call my Assignment Sheets. Oh, how I wish I would have…[ Read More ]

Again, Research Shows More Nurses Means Greater Patient Safety

By Carrie Mortrud, RN MNA Policy Project Specialist   Last week there was an article, “Nurse staff levels draw hot debate” in…[ Read More ]

By the numbers: Nurses are being understaffed by hospitals

Across the country, including in Minnesota, nurses say they are being increasingly short staffed by hospitals. In Michigan, a recent survey of…[ Read More ]