A 7 Percent Increase in Risk of Injury or Death

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The Science of Patient Safety

“Each additional patient above four that a nurse is assigned to care for produced a 7 percent increase in injury or death, a 23 percent increase in nurse burnout and a 15 percent increase in job dissatisfaction.”

Hospital Nurse Staffing and Patient Mortality, Nurse Burnout, and Job Dissatisfaction   Journal of the American Medical Association, October, 2002   Read More

The Reality of Risk  

Real nurses report about real shifts, with real lives on the line

“3 RNs, one had 7 patients, one had 6 and charge nurse had 5 patients. High acuity patients with many, many requests. Difficult to properly assess a patient with TONs of interruptions.”

Patient Story

Your Patient Stories

http://youtu.be/DiHpwQNncgA Over the past few weeks, you've been sending us stories about your experiences in Minnesota hospitals.  We've heard them, and we think others should, too.  By sharing your patient experience with us, you can help us promote a safe nurse-to-patient ratio at all Minnesota hospitals.
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