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When you visit the hospital, you deserve safe, quality care. That means hospitals that put patients first, and nurses who have the time and resources to give you the expert care you need. Yet in Minnesota, there are no limits on the number of patients a nurse can be assigned to at one time, and patients are feeling the impact.

In 2016, Minnesota nurses filed more Concern for Safe Staffing forms than any year on record, citing serious incidents where patient care was compromised due to short staffing by hospitals.

Short staffing is a widespread and growing problem in Minnesota hospitals—and it can be fixed. Patients in Minnesota can be protected from an increased risk of falls, complications, infections, and more related to short staffing.

Sign the petition and tell lawmakers you support safe nurse-to-patient ratios and quality care for all Minnesotans.


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Staffing by the Numbers

57 %

of nurses nationwide say patient care is suffering due to short staffing

65 %

of Minnesota nurses say patient care was delayed due to short staffing

42 %

of Minnesota nurses say patients experienced prolonged pain due to short staffing

45 %

of Minnesota nurses say patient safety has decreased in the last five years

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Minnesota nurses take to the Capitol to advocate for patients

Nurses are at the beside every day. They see what patients need. They see how short staffing is hurting patient care.

“There’s no better person in the medical world who can tell the the stories like the beside nurses,” say Minnesota nurses. “We see day-to-day what our patients go through. We see the effects of short-staffing…We see bad things happening to people, and we want it to stop.”

In 2016, Minnesota nurses filed a record number of Concern for Safe Staffing forms, citing 3,000 incidents where short staffing compromised patient care and put patients at risk for falls, infections, complications, mortality, and more.

Hear firsthand stories from Minnesota nurses and learn why they’re asking lawmakers to require hospitals to maintain a minimum number of trained nursing personnel at all times.